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Wednesday 4th October - Sunday 8th October 2023

Join us on this joyful journey in the Pyrenees with our Mindset Adventure coaching package for woman who are ready to put themselves first, gain clarity and purpose and finally step into a life they love. 

Get away from it all, challenge yourself, and reconnect with nature in the spectacular mountains of the Pyrenees.


Take time that's just for you, switch off and get away from all your day to day responsibilities.


Finish each day with an ache in your legs and a sense of pride and joy in what you've achieved.


Remind yourself of who you are when you're not trapped in the endless to do lists, weighed down by guilt and expectation.


Connect with a group of amazing women as you support one another on this once in a lifetime adventure

Rediscover yourself, reignite your joy and reset your life.

Meditating on hillside

This isn't just any mountain expedition. This adventure combines the lessons that come from adventure and nature with expert life and mindset coaching.


A supercharged experience that allows you to learn and grow through your adventure, whilst truly solidifying those learnings and  transformations via group and one to one coaching.


The perfect holistic adventure that will allow you to return home renewed, reenergised and ready to step into the life you love

Join us on this trip of a lifetime under the guidance of not just one, but two, experienced Life & Mindset Coaches and a qualified International Mountain Leader.

Have an epic adventure.

Explore the mountains.


Change your mind to change your life.

This is for you if:

  • you are ready to put yourself first 

  • you want to challenge yourself mentally and physically

  • you want to get to know who you are, not just what you do

  • you need space and time to step away from being everything to everyone else, and be everything to you

  • you are ready to stop sacrificing yourself for the people around you

  • you are ready to step out of your comfort zone 

  • you want to try something new 

  • you want to supercharge the impact of one-to-one coaching 

  • you want to feel more confident and empowered

  • you struggle with decision-making fatigue 

  • you have a reasonable level of fitness or are willing to train 

  • you're happy to share a room and get back to basics

You will return home:

  • feeling proud, light, alive and free

  • with greater confidence and self-belief

  • with the power to live with joy and gratitude 

  • feeling a sense of clarity and purpose 

  • empowered to live authentically 

  • with the tools and resources you need to thrive 

  • knowing you matter as an individual and within your relationships

  • with strategies to keep up the best of what you have experienced and bring balance to your life


Your package includes:

45- minute goal-setting session before your trip.

Light touch group and individual coaching throughout your stay.

Accommodation, meals and guided trekking by a fully qualified International Mountain Leader.

A follow-up coaching session to consolidate your learnings and create a plan to take them into your day to day life. 

Join us for an unforgettable and joyful experience of personal growth and adventure. 

Your coaches

Harriet Profile Pic.jpg

Harriet Barcella is a life and mindset coach with a passion for adventure and an obsession with finding joy in the everyday. The third of four sisters, she has spent her life being inspired and empowered by incredible women. 


Her ability to embrace the joy in the small things, look for the positives and to be acutely aware of what is important to her are skills that she empowers her clients to embrace. 

Harriet believes in the transformational power of learning from our experiences and knows firsthand how the mountains can provide that opportunity.


She can't wait to support you to take those lessons from the mountains and transfer them into your everyday life whilst at the same time having the experience of a lifetime. 


Kaley Hayes is a coach who specialises in helping families thrive. She is inspired by lessons learned from children - be yourself, express yourself, hold boundaries, learn enthusiastically, and welcome life with enthusiasm and energy!


Her life experience as a mother, stepmother, educator, coach and mentor, along with her can-do attitude, enable her to balance nurturing, inspiring, and results, in her practice. Kaley values the idea of living authentically and supports families and individuals, to work within the realm of what really matters to them in all its uniqueness. ​


Having grown up in South Africa, calling the mountains, rivers, and oceans home, Kaley is excited to combine her love of coaching with the greatest lessons - those provided by nature. 


£1997 per person 


  • 1 x 45 minute goal setting coaching session 1 to 1

  • Light touch group and individual coaching throughout the expedition (there will be plenty of time to decompress and relax too!)

  • 90 minute follow up coaching session to solidify learnings

  • Airport transfer to and from Toulouse (at a prearranged time)

  • ​Guided walks with one of our highly experienced IML qualified guides 

  • 4 nights of accommodation based on 2 sharing at a local guesthouse. 

  • Dinner on day 1, breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner on day 2 and 3,  breakfast and picnic lunch on day 4 and breakfast on day 5. 

  • Cotswold Outdoor discount

  • Monthly payment plan, on request

Not Included:

  • Kit, personal equipment,  insurance, visas, snacks, laundry, alcohol or other items of a personal nature

  • Flights (flights are best booked to Toulouse and are very inexpensive)

  • Final dinner

  • Any additional costs associated with leaving the expedition early

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