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Let's Get Ready to Rock Reception

Coaching and Support for Parents Who Want their Children to Thrive in Reception

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A coaching programme for parents, who want to get their children off to the best possible start of their formal schooling years. 

You will get:

- webinar to download and watch at your convenience (or join me live on Thursday 1 September 2022 at 20:00 and I'll answer all your questions at the end)

- A pack of 21 helpful tips to make sure you and your child are school ready

- Q & A's (either live after the webinar, and I will email out a transcript of the Q&A's if you can't make it live)

- Access to me for all your school readiness questions for a month through a 'September Starters' WhatsApp group. (Experience tells me that you will have the most questions during that first month while your and your child are settling in!) 

(See the VIP Package for 1-to-1 support) 

We will cover:
- Expectations
- Parent Preparation
- Attachment, A Secure Base
- Preparing Your Child 
- Drop Offs and Goodbyes
- What To Do When Your Child Acts Like A Child
- A 'Fine' Day - Keeping Connected
- An Intro to Learning in the Formative Years

Brought to you by The Parenting Coach, Kaley Hayes. Kaley is a mother, educator and coach with 17 years of experience working in and with early years settings and schools. Kaley's approach to supporting families and children transition is backed up by current childhood development understanding, explained in ways which are easy to understand and is practical and easy to implement.  

Click here to learn more about one to one coaching and other services. 


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Jo Swallow, Parent & Sleep Consultant

I found it really helpful when you were talking about normalising everything around the whole start of school.

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